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Donate to OC's COVID-19 Care Center Relief Fund!

Help orangutan care centers through the global pandemic!

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The novel coronavirus pandemic has hit the conservation community hard and has created a vacuum for regular contributions. As everyday supporters are themselves feeling the economic pressures of this global crisis, so are vital orangutan care centers nestled in the heart of Indonesia's rainforests.

These orangutan rescue, rehabilitation, and release care centers are integral to the fight to save the orangutan species from extinction. Unfortunately the normal funds that these centers rely on every month have begun to dry up, putting them at a very real risk of halting all operations.

On a daily basis funds at orangutan care centers not only go to providing general care to orangutans but also go to;

  • supplying adequate and healthy food and water
  • providing enrichment
  • preparing individuals for release
  • keeping individuals healthy through purchase of veterinary medication
  • resupplying veterinary equipment
  • And like so many other medical institutions across the world -- keeping a ready supply of protective equipment (face masks, gloves, gowns, etc) to keep orangutans safe from the virus themselves.