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Donate Today | Save their Tomorrow

Orangutans are the most endangered great ape species and they need your help.


Donate now to save southeast Asia's only great ape!

Rampant deforestation, rapid expansion of palm oil plantations, fires and the illegal pet trade have drastically reduced the population of wild orangutans in Southeast Asia.

The Orangutan Conservancy (OC) helps to save wild orangutans by supporting vital conservation projects in Indonesia and Malaysia. By donating to OC today you will help:

  • Protect orangutan habitat
  • Support rescue efforts of illegally held orangutans and their rehabilitation
  • Reintroduction projects that return orangutans to the wild
  • Conservation education programs in Indonesia, Malaysia and the U.S.
  • Fund field research projects
  • Support Indonesian wildlife healthcare worker education
  • Stage the annual Orangutan Conservancy Veterinary Workshop

*The Orangutan Conservancy reserves the right to use donated funds at our own discretion unless otherwise agreed upon.